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Medi9 Superabsorb Granules / Clean-up Powder

SKU 11040020

Medi9 Superabsorb is a superabsorbent polymer specifically engineered for absorption and retention of fluids associated with the healthcare industry.

Medi9 Superabsorb is a swellable, in-soluble, cross-linked polymer, packaged as a white, granular product in its dry form. Upon contact with fluids, a gel is formed. The resulting gel, with excellent mechanical stability, retains these fluids well, even under stress, since the absorption is based on a physical-chemical process.

Supplied as a 240g shaker tub or as a 1.5kg or 5kg bucket with scoop.


  • Safe to use in any environment
  • Fragrance free / No odour
  • Suitable for all body fluids
  • Simply apply to body fluid, allow to gel and then dispose of via hazardous waste
  • Ready to Use (RTU)
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£8.07 - £97.90
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Size: 240g

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